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Connect 20 walkthrough

Posted by JME10135 - July 23rd, 2017

Play the game:


Connect to zero is an original puzzle game. I like it, but the way the game offers you to play in requires trial and error. If you mess up you need to memorize what not to do and the order you need to make the moves in. I prefer to make all connections before you remove them. It is not implemented in the game so you need to have a copy of the board, and since making a copy of the board is the tedious part, I have already done that for you:

Easy levels

Medium levels

Hard levels

It is just to print it or paste it in paint or however you work.

You do like so that you make connections till all tiles are within a connection while following these rules:

  • Two connections on the same line may not overlap each other.
  • Two connections may not share the same end
  • No connections may overlap each other in a loop so that they lock themselves.(There is no connection in the loop to start with because removing it would remove the end of another connection.)

If this does not interest you and you just want to get the medals, I also made the solved states of each puzzle:

Easy levels solution

Medium levels solution

Hard levels solution

Yellow goes first in line. Dark blue thinks last is fine.

I have done some own puzzles too

It is easy to do your own puzzles. Just begin with making connections following the rules I stated above. Then put the same numbers in both ends of all connections and fill in the rest of the tiles. I made them with letters because I can.

Additional notes:

I noticed that a 4x4 grid is the smallest you can make to break the last rule. It would then be a propeller-like shape that goes one round. For it to go two rounds you need a 5x5 grid at least(this would look more like a cluster). However, it is not possible to fill in the rest of the tiles without removing at least one connection that makes the puzzle impossible so you need at least a 6x5 grid for this puzzle to be possibly impossible.

I did not put my name in that last puzzle on purpose. :O

I know it is possible to make puzzles using triangular tiles(or hexagonal, if you prefer that grid pattern). It would be three way lines instead of two way lines.


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