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Posted by JME10135 - March 17th, 2019

I have made three walkthroughs. Here are them

GravityAbility Walkthrough

PengWin Walkthrough

Connect 20 Walkthrough



Posted by JME10135 - November 21st, 2018

The sound of rain

Sends me to you

I wrote a letter once

It came from the sky

To the dewdrops of roses

Till it fell apart in your hands

The music they bring

The droplets of rain

Makes me smile

A bittersweet smile

Wanting to see you

One last time

Where are you?

What are you doing now?

Will you come back?

I hope you will

I miss you

I love you

Till the rain stops one more time

Yet the eyes of mine can't refrain

The tears falling down my cheeks

As I weep and sigh

And imagine that our goodbye

Would have never been

Yet for now I'll listen

To the fall of rain

As once again

I cry If only it were so

That I could tell you again

How much I love you


Posted by JME10135 - August 3rd, 2018

Wowoww I am the user of the day. It means much for me.

I wonder if maybe I should write a newspost about how my life has been lately, but maybe it isn't too interesting.


Posted by JME10135 - July 31st, 2018

Okay so I just figured out that the Newgrounds API doesn't work on these computers...

Bye bye medals.

Posted by JME10135 - August 15th, 2017


Well, see you in 1000 years then.

Posted by JME10135 - July 23rd, 2017

Play the game:


Connect to zero is an original puzzle game. I like it, but the way the game offers you to play in requires trial and error. If you mess up you need to memorize what not to do and the order you need to make the moves in. I prefer to make all connections before you remove them. It is not implemented in the game so you need to have a copy of the board, and since making a copy of the board is the tedious part, I have already done that for you:

Easy levels

Medium levels

Hard levels

It is just to print it or paste it in paint or however you work.

You do like so that you make connections till all tiles are within a connection while following these rules:

  • Two connections on the same line may not overlap each other.
  • Two connections may not share the same end
  • No connections may overlap each other in a loop so that they lock themselves.(There is no connection in the loop to start with because removing it would remove the end of another connection.)

If this does not interest you and you just want to get the medals, I also made the solved states of each puzzle:

Easy levels solution

Medium levels solution

Hard levels solution

Yellow goes first in line. Dark blue thinks last is fine.

I have done some own puzzles too

It is easy to do your own puzzles. Just begin with making connections following the rules I stated above. Then put the same numbers in both ends of all connections and fill in the rest of the tiles. I made them with letters because I can.

Additional notes:

I noticed that a 4x4 grid is the smallest you can make to break the last rule. It would then be a propeller-like shape that goes one round. For it to go two rounds you need a 5x5 grid at least(this would look more like a cluster). However, it is not possible to fill in the rest of the tiles without removing at least one connection that makes the puzzle impossible so you need at least a 6x5 grid for this puzzle to be possibly impossible.

I did not put my name in that last puzzle on purpose. :O

I know it is possible to make puzzles using triangular tiles(or hexagonal, if you prefer that grid pattern). It would be three way lines instead of two way lines.

Posted by JME10135 - May 3rd, 2017


Posted by JME10135 - April 3rd, 2017

WARNING: This game has a crash issue. It happens when you click on restart exactly when you win or when the level resets. If it happens, you may need to reload the page.

Play the game:
Follow PengWin on his full day adventure through winter cold antarctica and show those icy blocks who is master of da slopes!
* = requires speed
" = requires timing

World 1
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9* 10" 11* 12" 13 14 15 16" 17 18 Note that hardly visible block I first remove in the bottom left corner.

World 2
19"" 20* 21 22 23 24" Don't wait for too long! Else you would end up like the beginning of the video. 25 Sometimes it doesn't work. 26* 27** 28" 29*" 30 31 32" 33 34" 35 36" Sometimes it is possible to remove the block next to the highest big block on the same side. Then remove the three blocks I did at the beginning of the video, but wait with removing the block in between, next to the block you removed first, untill the penguin is wiggling on the gap! Sometimes the penguin passes through the one block gap below and gets movement to the side to later land on the gold line.

World 3
37 38" 39 40" 41" 42*** Not sure if this is the best way to beat the level. 43" 44" 45* 46" 47 48*" 49" 50" 51" 52*"" 53*" Remember to wait before you begin. You also need to be lucky to bounce after the bronze line. 54"

World 4
55* 56 57" 58* 59"" Try to click the big block when the penuin's last wing gets above the big block as I show with my mouse. 60 61*" 62" There is another solution removing the block below the penguin and then going to the left. This is, however, very luck based. 63" 64"" If the penguin slides back, just wait for it to turn again and click the last block when the penguin only is on it. 65" 66 67 68"" I recommend zooming in the page to see those small movements the penguin does at its start position. 69*"" If you do the second click very precise it is possible to get through the second one block gap. This saves you a click, and you should in that case quickly remove the pair of blocks next to each other on the second lowerest line which are kinda in the way. It is also possible to get on the lowerest line of blocks above the gold line from the side. Sometimes the penguin gets through that last one block gap. 70 71 72""" >:0

World 5
73* 74" The penguing is wiggling somewhat from the beginning which makes this level kinda luck based. 75" 76 77" This can be done in many similar ways. 78* This level seems completely luck-based. I'm going insane. X ( 79" 80 81* 82 83 84 85" 86*"" 87 88** 89 90"

World 6
91 92* 93 94"" 95* 96" 97" Two solutions here. In the harder you take away the other block first and make the penguin bounce on the edge. 98" 99

World 7
100**" There are multiple solutions for this level. The one shown is the way easiest I have found.

Good luck!

Posted by JME10135 - March 5th, 2017

3 6

4 4

6 3

Posted by JME10135 - January 30th, 2017


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