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darn excellent graphics and great story
hHAHAHAHAHha heh aah

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This game is a type that i like. I like such maze and collect and avoid games.

I see it is well polished which is good. The main lack this game has is that it is possible to cheat by fast moving through walls. I think you should set a max speed of the ball so the game has time to detect collisions. Also make the levels slightly different so you never have to move fast. I also find it a pity that it sometimes is a benefit to collide. I know this is intended but imo it shouldnt be a benefit to lose in any way.

The length of the game was good and i like the many colours the different levels have to offer.

i rly like the hank guy.

it reminds me of how good it is to b with anyone very okay + friend it nice and beautiful fun fun funny FUN! ;) i b of like it i want i want i want i want.

the dialoges r gold the text misses its above parts the characters make me warm warm. I think you should make the text scroll faster and make the alternatives when it comes to choises pop up faster also make it clear which the controls r (space+up/down) butt that just me.

what a cool little game i dont care if the medals dont work the idea was good i just wish i was better at two things: multitasking and pong!

BrandyBuizel responds:

They're something new we've just started implementing now, should be live in a week or so!

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first part was gud butt secnd part was badd :d

Vocals are a little offbeat but the melody is cool.

i think dis b ma fav remix so far

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Very nice, magical.

yes, i love it.

I like the message. It bears great meaning. For me it means she is a crybaby.
the background is white and it matches her hair and somewhat her skin. I just want a little more, a little something..

I like her, I'm not familiar with the character myself but I can tell she is from somewhere.

"NASA" and the T-shirt is space blue. Nice.

nice forms and all and umm.. that's all!

It is never wrong to not do something.



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